Gregory Hairston, member of Boston-Thurmond Community Engagement Roundtable’s Safety and Beautification Committee, in Kimberley Park on Monday, Mar. 22, 2021, in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Gregory Hairston, Sr. has been named the Community Partnerships and Engagement Manager of Boston-Thurmond United (BTU), the Purpose Built community initiative in the Boston-Thurmond neighborhood that focuses on high-quality affordable housing, education, and community wellness.
Hairston has worked as the Director of Alumni Relations for Winston-Salem State University, where he planned and coordinated all alumni outreach and engagement. His job experiences have included career counseling and job placement, soliciting financial support that provided scholarships to college students, and finding the right home for first-time homebuyers.
BTU Executive Director, Regina Hall, says that the new addition to the team has already made a positive difference in the organization. “We are fortunate to have Gregory Hairston as the newest member of our team. Gregory was raised in Boston-Thurmond so, he has a natural zeal for the neighborhood. This natural passion makes engagement efforts less about “work” and more about “purpose.”
“Boston-Thurmond is home for me. It is where I grew up and it played an integral role in my development. I have the unique perspective of knowing what this community was, and believing through revitalization, what it can become. I understand the important role a neighborhood plays in the growth and development of its residents,” Hairston said.
“I am excited to join BTU as the Community Partnerships and Engagement Manager. Residents of Boston-Thurmond desire the same quality of life as other members of the greater Winston-Salem community. They want safe and affordable housing, healthy lifestyle initiatives, high-quality educational environments that promote lifelong learning, and opportunities for economic mobility. These qualities are attainable through a collective effort. My role will be to work with Boston-Thurmond residents, community organizations, and our Executive Director in this revitalization effort. Community involvement will play a key role in the effort to achieve our common goals.”
Hairston is a graduate of R.J. Reynolds High School, and Winston-Salem State University, where he majored in political science. He is on the local advisory board of State Employees Credit Union, the City of Winston-Salem Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Boston-Thurmond Community Engagement Roundtable.
He is married to Beth Day-Hairston. They have two sons, Gregory Carl, and Morgan Hairston.
Hairston’s first day with the organization was Tuesday, February 1st. He can be reached at 336-943-7224.

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