Boston-Thurmond Housing

International Award-Winning


Up to $5K in Critical Repairs for Homeowners

In 2022, the Boston-Thurmond Community Engagement Roundtable initiated an owner occupied rehabilitation program to support emergency and minor repairs needed by existing homeowners in the Boston-Thurmond Community.

This effort aims to keep residents in their homes, increase stability for families, provide funding for home repairs and reduce displacement in the community.

The Boston-Thurmond Community Engagement Roundtable in partnership with Boston-Thurmond Community Network provided grants up to $5,000 for emergency repairs such as roofing and heating and air.

    Program Milestones

    • 18 applications were submitted for home repair assistance.
    • All eighteen applications were screened, and applicants were contacted accordingly.
    • Twelve applications were determined eligible, while six were deemed ineligible.
    • Eight homes have been repaired, and their status is now complete.
    • Three homes have undergone the initial inspection process, with reports submitted.
    • Bids have been submitted by the contractor for two inspected homes, and agreements are in progress; the third is awaiting contractor review.
    • One additional home is in the process of being scheduled for inspection.
    • Efforts will be made to seek additional home inspectors to assist in the program.
    • The initiative will continue to market and seek additional applicants.
    • The initial satisfaction level of program participants has been highly favorable.
    • Total expenditures as of 01/18/2024, amount to $42,370.00.

    Boston-Thurmond United Wins

    Neighborhood of the Year Award

    Boston-Thurmond United Team accepting an award at NUSA

    This video above was featured at the Neighborhoods USA Conference in El Paso, Texas (May 2023) at which Boston-Thurmond United won “Runner Up” for Neighborhood of the Year Award for the Safe Home Repair Program.

    Boston-Thurmond Community Network (BTCN)

    Land Use Study Request for Proposal

    Boston-Thurmond Community Network (BTCN) seeks a contractor to lead a land use study in the Boston-Thurmond neighborhood in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Contractor shall provide the following services:

    Land Use Study in the Boston-Thurmond Neighborhood (see attached map). Services will include:

    • Number (and addresses) of owner-occupied homes
    • Number (and addresses) of rental properties
    • Number (and addresses) of city-owned property Number, addresses, and contact information for landlords w/multiple safety & health violations listed with the City of Winston-Salem.
    • Number, addresses, and contact information for absentee owners with vacant property
    • Vacant Lot Appraisals
    • Site Assessment/Feasibility Study for future housing development of new single-family homes, tiny homes, and/or multi-family units
    • Recommendation of Alternate Uses for Lots Unsuitable for Development (ie. pocket parks, walking trails, community gardens, green space, etc.)
    Boston-Thurmond United Team accepting an award at NUSA