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Our United Vision

Boston-Thurmond United strives to create a vibrant neighborhood that honors its rich history and expands the opportunities for safe and healthy lifestyles; quality, affordable housing at all income levels; neighborhood schools that provide the highest educational outcomes, starting at birth; and access to jobs and economic well-being.

The initiative is part of the Purpose Built Communities network of community revitalization. It includes two groups working together to achieve a common goal of building a strong and stable neighborhood where families and children can thrive.

Boston-Thurmond Community Network is the sustaining and organizing arm of the initiative, with staff and board to ensure long-term stability. The Boston-Thurmond Community Engagement Roundtable provides the resident voice and leadership, which is guaranteed at all levels. Together, they are identifying and reaching out to community partners to help residents achieve their vision for the neighborhood.

Our Priorities


Offer an environment of both single-family and multi-family housing of the highest quality, surrounded by safe walkways and streets, that is affordable and accessible to even the lowest-income residents.

Initial focus will be revitalization of single-family housing for existing homeowners and new construction on vacant or abandoned lots.


Establish an active community environment for student growth, learning and achievement at every level, starting at birth.

Initial programs will focus resources on Cook Literacy Model School and Kimberley Park Elementary School and ensure that neighborhood students succeed in the rigorous curriculum at Paisley IB Middle School; will explore neighborhood-serving early childhood education options.

Community Health & Wellness

Provide a mix of facilities, programs and services that honors local history, reflects the priorities of residents, promotes healthy lifestyles, and reduces crime.

Economic Empowerment

Provide access to job training, entrepreneurship opportunities and jobs currently being created within the broader Winston-Salem economy. Work with community partners to provide financial literacy training for youth and adults.

Our Blog

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